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The Squash 
23rd-Jan-2007 06:13 pm
A couple nights ago, I ate a whole acorn squash to myself for lack of anything else to eat. As I was eating the mushy mess, I was laughing to myself thinking about how it's probably going to run right through me and clean my intestines out real good.

To my surprise it actually had the opposite effect. I was constipated for two days and somewhat worried thinking "Wow, I still have that whole squash inside of me!" I finally just shat it out a few minutes ago, and it was one of the thickest, stickiest, gummiest shits I've ever taken! It was all stuck in my butt. Thank shit I picked up those wipes last night or I'd have gone through a hell of a lot of toilet paper trying to clean out my asshole.
poobased girl
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