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Yesterday's Shizzo 
4th-Jan-2007 11:35 am
Jan 3rd-- poop.

Dry fart and stabbing pain in abdomen
Easy exit
Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear
Papa sunk while Mama and Baby floated
Mama had a nut
Wet wipe, no smell
Rich brown.

Came back to see last shit didn't go down all the way
Bottom of bowl laced with crumbs of previous bears.
Tried to flush but toilet rapidly flooded with brown water
Cramping and panicking
Trying to fight off cat from playing with TP and chunks floating in bowl.
Starting to prairie dog
Had to plunge.
Not happy for I fear splash-back.
Finally fixed toilet
Soft-serve shit, very warm and rotten smell
Like bad turkey and cheese
Looks soft and airy
Quite a shit pile in bottom of the bowl
Wiped and flushed once, then had a wet fart
Flushed again
No flood this time = me happy.
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