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Myspace whores on Tech TV. 
9th-Jun-2006 09:37 pm
I saw something rather disturbing on Tech TV while I was making dinner. I couldn't really hear the TV from the kitchen, but I could see it and the show that was on had a segment called "MySpace girl of the week" and it showed a picture of some slutty looking bitch whoring it up for her webcam.

I really think MySpace.com should consider changing their name to one of the following: "SlutCentral.com". "TastlessCamWhores.com", "ConceitedAttentionSeekingBitches.com", "RetardsR'Us.com", "VDgirlsForLonleyFatComputerSlobs.net", "SerialRapistBait.com"

It sickens me how these young girls/women use that shit site to show their junk (whether clothed, partially clothed or not). Jesus Christ, why not just start an internet porn site for themselves? At least they might make a couple bucks that way, rather than doing it soley for the unprofitable attention. What's even more fucked is how that shit's even made it to TV now. I don't go to myspace because I don't care for that shit, I shouldn't have to turn on the TV to have it thrown in my face aswell.

You're all a bunch of filthy web whores. I hope you try to meet up with some psycho internet jerk you met on your site after whoring your body for him in web cam pics. Other than a waste of oxygen, you're nothing but rapist bait. Have fun playing the victim on a corny someone-I met-from-myspace-raped-me-episode of Montel in a few years from now. Stupid little skanks.

Fuck the tech tv show for condoning such shit.

For now, here's a hot picture of my "LiveJournal girl of the week". Enjoy, fuckers.

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sexy buns
12th-Jun-2006 08:00 am (UTC)
Read this and couldn't help but add one to your list of names. I like to refer to it as whorespace. Best name evar, IMO.
12th-Jun-2006 08:14 am (UTC)
Now you're my stalker! j/k :p

Whorespace? I like it. It works. Clean, simple, and gets the point across.

12th-Jun-2006 08:16 am (UTC)
What can I say, the image just attracts attention.

I thought the same thing about the name too. Covers all the bases and is as many syllables as the word Myspace.
12th-Jun-2006 08:23 am (UTC)
Too true.

"ConceitedAttentionSeekingBitches.com", and "VDgirlsForLonleyFatComputerSlobs.net" might be a bit too long.

People who use myspace don't hold the brain capacity to type a site so long in their address bar anyways. Whorespace though, I'm sure they could remember, though it may be mispelled as "horspase".
12th-Jun-2006 08:27 am (UTC)
Or "hoarspace," "horespace," and maybe "worespace." I don't know. I can't spell badly.
12th-Jun-2006 08:34 am (UTC)
Oooh man, I just laughed good. Thanks for that.

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