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. . . and she's back. 
1st-Jan-2007 09:11 pm
Happy fuck'n New Year. This year is the year of the pig, which is what I am-- not in the chinese zodiac sense mind you. To start things off, I am keeping a LOG, yes, LOG, of my daily shittles. Today started off well as I have had 3 shits.

Softish/sticky--somewhat normal
Little chunks stuck in my anus near the end
Regular poo-brown colour
Fairly smooth in consistancy
No strong smell
One little twig-like thing in major turd-log
One Flush.

Smooth exit
Two major logs and a few crumbs
Two more delayed little pooballs popped out with a fart near the end
Very soft wipe, almost wet.
Smells like diarrhea
Red pepper skin in final wipe.

Starts with a weak fart
Slow and hard exit. . .
Very s l o w . . .
Followed by a soft squirt floater thing
Weak smell
A couple grainy stick things in wipe
Colour lighter than usual.
poobased girl 2
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